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Gaming Gears that you need

Gaming Gears that you need

Playing video games has been one of the ways to relieve stress, and perhaps you’re thinking to start playing video games, or at least to give it a try. Besides computer you also need some gaming gears to accompany you, just to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. But what to get? And what are the necessities of gaming? Do not worry, because here we have listed several gaming gears that you will probably need when you’re going to play games on your computer.

game mouseGaming mouse

We all know that without a mouse you can’t operate at all in your computer, but if you’re going to play games on your computer, might as well get a mouse specifically for gaming. A reason to get gaming mouse is that it has more endurance and sensitivity than a regular mouse. And usually, they have a button to toggle between sensitivity, which is very crucial if you’re playing an FPS game. You don’t have to get an expensive high-end gaming mouse; a regular gaming mouse is enough for you. A cheap gaming PC is enough if you want to play games, as long as you’re accompanied with a gaming mouse.


Using speakers are nice, but you can disturb your family, roommate or perhaps your neighbor if you’re too loud, especially if the walls are paper thin. So, another gaming gear that we recommend to get is a headphone, which can make you focus on your game as you can hear everything. Another reason to get a headphone is in FPS games you can hear the footsteps, and it’s very crucial that you can listen to it to avoid death or getting the kill for the team.

Tip: when getting a headphone it doesn’t have to be a gaming one since it can be quite expensive, just to make sure that it’s all-surround. If you have headphones for DJ, those are perfect for gaming purposes as well.

Keyboardgaming keyboard

Besides for typing a keyboard can also be used for gaming, usually for moving around, pressing skills, switching weapons and many more. If you play games on a laptop you might want to get a gaming keyboard as we tend to use the keyboard heavily during our gaming session, not to mention a gaming keyboard usually last longer than a regular keyboard.

Tip: avoid getting a wireless keyboard for gaming as they wear out more quickly and are not ideal for gaming. They are perfect for chatting or just casual browsing, but not for heavy usage.