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Most affordable and best home microphones for the home studio

Most affordable and best home microphones for the home studio

Making music an expensive hobby and making it at home is not anyway easy. It is therefore essential to look for the best equipment to as you mind your budget to ensure that you do not end up with a terrible sound. Below are some of the most preferred microphones for recording;

Shure SM57

great microphone

The asking price of Shure SM57 ranges from one hundred dollars to one hundred and fifty dollars. The Shure SM57 is a good microphone for vague guitars to the voice; it is also perfect for a low budget.

Shure SM58

The Shure SM58, is a vocal microphone, is a known dynamic microphone, the price range of this microphone stems one hundred dollars to two hundred dollars. This microphone can be used in the studio live. It is suitable for recording and will give you good vocals on a small budget with boots in the rightful places. It is preferred for distorted guitars. The SM58 can take a right amount of screaming without changing the changing the vocals behind the song. A singer can comfortably use the microphone both in hand and on the stand.

Shure Beta 58

The Shure Beta 58 price ranges from one hundred to two hundred dollars. It is a cheap multi-purpose microphone. It is of course very superior to the SM58.

Rode NT3

The Rode NT3 condenser microphone ranges from two hundred dollars and can go up to three hundred dollars. However, if you do the extensive research, you may land on one with a good price. The microphone is preferable for acoustic guitars, drums, and percussion-especially that with a lot of high ends because the Rode NT3 does catch bass as such. The Rode NT3 is not as convenient for a baritone singer and a bass.

Rode NTK

The Rode NTK ranges from five hundred dollars, which is not the most reasonably priced of them all. However, it is advisable to invest in a good condenser. The Rode NTK is known for beating the decibels without distortion. Therefore if you are looking for something durable and clear, cheap and still high quality, look no further.

Behringer C1

mic for home recording

Suitable for home recording and the price ranges between one hundred dollars to one hundred and fifty. Since for home recording, one is not able to test the room you may not necessarily pick the microphone and the next room. It is very suitable for home use.