Effective Ways To Boost Your Slow Computer

If you are looking to improve the performance of your computer, there are few updates that can make a big difference. Here are some of the effective ways to boost the performance of your computer. These factors include;

1. Make adjustments to improve performance

3r4t567uytrSince you are looking forward to improving your computer’s performance be ready to lose some visual effects, shadows. You can click on computer then system properties, and finally the advanced system settings. The performance setting button allows you to select and adjust for a better and best performance. You can easily reduce the screen resolution, which can speed things and improve the durability of the computer battery when running on it.

2. Clean your memory

As much as you want your browser, you should clean it regularly. You can clean by clicking on the upper right three bars, click on the Tools, then click on the clean browsing data. You should do this regularly to improve performance of your computer. You can also download the CCleaner which works on the registers, browsers, and Windows.


3. Add the RAM

Random Access Memory acts as a short-term memory for your computer. The RAM is much faster the hard drive. The faster the RAM, the faster your computer is likely to perform. Your computer needs more memory to improve the performance of your computer. You should add more memory until your computer is full or at capacity. Once you stop running a program, it will drastically remove itself from the RAM and create some space for other programs to run smoothly.

4. Clean up the system

Sometimes there is a lot of unwanted junk filled in a computer that makes it slow down. Keep your system clean by removing unwanted files to avoid slowing down your computer. You can increase the RAM and upgrade the CPU for better performance. You have to realize that junk has no place in your computer. So it is advisable for you to clean your system regularly.345676tury

4. Check the network connectivity

Network issues can contribute to system slowness. You can do this by replacing the switchers, Wi-Fi, the routers, and network cables to ensure proper connectivity. There are so much that the computer on the internet .so, that slowness can affect the programs on the computer. In conclusion, when you follow these measures, you will get your computer on track again.