These five restaurants aren’t the highest ranked dining establishments in Allen, but they are interesting. I’m looking at the rest of the list of places to eat in Allen, and I’m going to hand-pick some places for you that can help round out your choices. Did you look at my other picks? If so, you’ve got plenty of restaurants to choose from, and here are five more.

The Lion & Crown is a great place to eat and also a great place to have some fun. You can play darts and pool. There is also an outdoor patio for hanging out. People refer to this place as like an English pub, and one of the menu favorites is the bavarian platter.

Dodies Place Sports Grill is also a lot of fun, and it’s located on East Stacy Road. You can watch all kinds of sporting events, and you can enjoy some cajun food. People say that they have live music on Friday night. That sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? Fried catfish is a big hit at this restaurant.

Brooklyn’s Old Neighborhood Style Pizzeria is another unique dining establishment in Allen. This restaurant is located on West McDermott Drive, and it has evidently been around for awhile according to the reviews. One of the recommended menu items is the Freda Pita.

Sushi Axiom is another restaurant on East Stacy Road, and it’s a great place to stop by for lunch and happy hour. Reviews talk about the Bento Box being a favorite. How does spicy tuna and crab nachos sound? That certainly seems like an interesting combination. The decor of the restaurant is said to be beautiful, and if you like sushi, it will be a nice dining experience.

Fred’s Downtown Philly is on South Greenville Avenue, and people say that the place uses amoroso rolls. You’re going to be able to order up a good cheesesteak when you get there, and people say the wings are delicious, too. Reviews point to the fact that this restaurant features a rather simple atmosphere, and that seems very down to earth.

By now if you have been following my selections, you are familiar with all kinds of restaurants in Allen TX. You’ve got two sports bars, a sushi place, a Brooklyn style pizzeria and a good place to get a cheesesteak just from this article alone. Which restaurant do you feel is best for your next meal?