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How to buy the best dash cam

How to buy the best dash cam

A dash cam serves to give drivers peace of mind while on the roads. For this objective to be realized, you need to buy the best dash cam based on your needs and budget. A dashboard camera should provide a quality footage. Installing a good unit like the Rexing S500 Dual Dash Cam ensures you remain protected from false claims in the case of a car crash. If you need to buy a dash can for your car, read on.

Factors to consider when buying a dash cam

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How much should a good dash cam cost? As much as you might want a dash cam with superior features, you should always be guided by a budget. High quality with superior features often cost more. However, you also need to realize that price does not always reflect the quality.

Number of lenses

You can either buy single or multiple-lens dash cams. As such, one of the main decision to make when choosing a dash cam is the number of recordings. Single lens dash cams are mainly used to record the road ahead whereas the multiple-lens cameras record what is happening both in front and at the back.

G-force sensors

Most dashboard camera record in a continuous loop. This implies that the footage is recorded over again once the memory is full. With g-force sensors, video recordings where there were considerably high G-forces are normally saved in a separate folder where those files cannot be overwritten.


GPS location tracking feature allows you to pinpoint exact locations. It also lets you track the route followed along with any incidences along the road. These recordings can be a huge resource especially when you need to prove your case in the event of a car accident or any other incident while on the road.

Parking mode

dasboard camera 32Another important feature to look for when buying a dash cam is the parking mode. Ideally, this feature lets you record any incidences in or around the car whenever you are not around. Ideally, this is made possible by a set of motion detectors that trigger recordings whenever there are suspicious movements around your vehicle.

Other things that need to be on a dash cam include memory cards, power cords, or wireless connectivity features. Some of this features are meant to enhance user experience like transferring stored recordings via wireless connections.